Original solutions developed by experts

Customer service

Authorial programme to improve customer experience

→ Long-term programme implemented in 2018

→ Provides a consistent system for assessing the level of service provided by Apsys-managed shopping centres, taking into account the nature of each property – its space, tenant mix and location.

→ The programme is based on a comprehensive annual audit carried out by an external partner, based on a detailed questionnaire

→ A flexible formula that allows the services and facilities under review to be continually adapted to changing customer needs and market trends

→ A motivation tool for shopping centre staff

→ A programme that creates a real competitive advantage for shopping centres in local markets.

Social responsibility

Programme to improve the accessibility of retail facilities

→ A comprehensive, multi-phase, multi-year programme to introduce specific places for people with various impairments and disabilities and their caregivers in the shopping centres managed by Apsys, and to educate customers and centre staff, Apsys head office and partners about the behaviour and needs of these people

→ Developed with experts – foundations and associations that support people with disabilities

→ Phase I of the programme is dedicated to people on the autism spectrum and their caregivers – specific solutions such as rest periods, the possibility of renting noise-cancelling headphones or the use of soundproofed rooms have been introduced in the Apsys portfolio.

Green initiatives

Multifaceted programme to promote environmental awareness

→ Information on the solutions offered by the centres

→ Changing the public image of the sector to one of social commitment and environmental sustainability

→ Building a centre’s advantage in the local market – loyalty factor

→ Building a long-term relationship with tenants and local authorities

→ Preparing for upcoming changes and regulations

→ Building long-term relationships with tenants

→ Regular general and one-to-one meetings with tenants

→ Training (customer service, visual merchandising, ESG)

→ Tenant handbook – optimising running costs

→ Organising tenant competitions

→ Special family events + small gifts

→ Mystery shopper

→ Internal communication via Trackeo

Clients satisfaction survey

Owners satisfaction survey:

→ Conducted once a year

→ Evaluates the cooperation with the different departments of the company in terms of punctuality, competence, accuracy, cooperation, openness, responsiveness and flexibility

→ Defines areas for potential improvement


Tenant satisfaction survey:

→ Conducted once a year

→ Tenants’ views on their interaction with APSYS shopping centre management and service providers such as security, maintenance and cleaning services.

→ Source of valuable feedback

→ Qualitative tool for potential improvements