What is our purpose?

Apsys’ mission guides the company’s vision for growth and defines its commitment to cities and people. Beyond economic criteria, it defines how Apsys wants to make a positive contribution to others and the environment. This answers the fundamental question: “Why does Apsys exist?”

Enhance the city
by developing unique places,
that make everyone’s life more beautiful.

Enhance the city

Discovering the potential of places

New ventures, the redevelopment of post-industrial sites and neglected buildings – these are opportunities to transform and expand cities so that they continue to serve their inhabitants.

…by developing unique places…

Apsys pursues bespoke urban projects with passion and courage. Because every place is unique, every neighbourhood has its own character, every street has its own history and every community has its own needs. Apsys’ iconic developments redefine the dynamic between space and community, creating new ways to enjoy places that work with the ideas of inclusivity, sustainability and innovation.

What makes Apsys magic is the belief that anything is possible.
The Apsys team is driven by extraordinary determination and passion. Courageous and tenacious, we know how to discover the potential of places and how to successfully pursue exceptional projects against all odds.

Maurice Bansay
The founder of Apsys

…that make everyone’s life more beautiful”.

Apsys is both a developer and a manager – investing for the long term to create lasting, positive change in cities and communities. Every day, Apsys’ local teams work on integration, local economic, artistic and cultural development, environmental protection…

Art at the heart of Apsys projects

At Apsys, we take art very seriously, placing it at the heart of our projects and striving to create the most beautiful places possible. Posnania, Manufaktura or Beaugrenelle in Paris… are places where art created by outstanding artists meets residents and visitors.