Muse – Metz

The heart of the new metropolitan district

Located opposite the Pompidou-Metz Center and the train station and a few minutes’ walk from the historic center of Metz, the Muse development has become the cornerstone of the new Amphitheater district. The vibrant urban mix was created thanks to the combination of over 100 stores offering, among others, fashion and design, as well as apartments and office spaces. The unique character of the place is also given by the collection of works of art created especially for Muse by leading artists. The facility was designed by the renowned architect Jean-Paul Viguier

  • 80,000 sqm with 37,000 sq GLA
  • 115 shops and restaurants
  • 400 apartments (24,000 sqm)
  • 10,000 sqm of office space
  • 750 parking spaces
  • Catchment area: 400,000 inhabitants
  • Opening: November 2017

Steel – Saint-Etienne

Creation of the city gate of Saint-Etienne

Part of a project to develop the areas located at the entrance to Saint-Etienne, initiated by the city authorities. Steel is the result of an original concept of revitalizing urban space, combining commercial and recreational functions. The project is distinguished by its original architecture and design, whose characteristic element is an impressive roof inspired by local symbols. Steel offers an attractive retail mix, focused on strong home, sports and leisure brands. An important element of the complex is the catering area, as well as a green area with an area of as much as 35,000 sqm.

  • Area: 16 ha
  • 70,000 sqm GLA
  • Green space: 35,000 sqm
  • 70 shops and restaurants
  • 2,150 parking spaces
  • Catchment area: 500,000 inhabitants
  • Opening: September 2020