Posnania – Poznań

Posnania is a trendsetter on the polish shopping centre market

Since its opening, Posnania has been the most important shopping and meeting place in the region, meeting the expectations resulting from the modern, metropolitan lifestyle.

It is a place that provides customers with completely new experiences, thanks to, among others, spectacular, spacious architecture, winter and summer gardens, digital innovations, as well as services that provide unique shopping experiences.

Posnania is a place that operates according to the ideas of inclusiveness and diversity. The building’s accessibility for people with disabilities was confirmed by a distinction in the Accessibility Leader competition, organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland.

  • 300 shops and restaurants
  • 100,000 sqm GLA
  • 3,300 parking spaces
  • Catchment area: 1 million inhabitants
  • Opening: October 2016

Food Fyrtel – Poznań

Food Fyrtel is a unique place on the gastronomic and entertainment map of Greater Poland, a space of completely new experiences for the inhabitants of the region. Located in Posnania, it functions as an independent space. It is a vibrant social center with an offer of original gastronomic initiatives that encourages the discovery of new tastes, celebrates food culture, provides valuable entertainment and integrates the local community.

The nature of the investment is fully reflected in its name – it is a food hall-type gastronomic concept that is becoming increasingly popular, but firmly rooted in local realities. Hence, Food Fyrtla’s offer is dominated by local gastronomic initiatives, arising from the culture of street food and food trucks.

  • 18 gastronomic concepts
  • 1 800 m2
  • Catchment area: 1 million inhabitants
  • Opened: November 2022

Solea – Warszawa

Apsys’ first residential investment in Poland

Attractive location – near the Służewiec Race Track

Investment completion date: Q1 2024