Manufaktura – Łódź

The largest revitalization of urban post-industrial buildings in Europe

Manufaktura is a symbol of sustainable development of the city, respecting its cultural heritage. Located in historic post-industrial buildings that have been spectacularly restored, Manufaktura has become the new heart of the city. Located in the center of the investment, the Market Square with an area of 3 ha is a place of cultural events and unique experiences.

Manufaktura is a unique place of trade, as well as business (12,000 sqm of offices) and tourism (4-star hotel).

  • 126,000 sqm GLA
  • 250 shops and restaurants
  • 3 000 parking places
  • 3 museums, including the Museum of the City of Łódź
  • Catchment area: 580,000 inhabitants
  • Opening: May 2006