Leader in environmental certification

Environmental sustainability in construction applies to all areas of Apsys’ operations – both development and management. Confirmation of the effectiveness of our ISO 14001 environmental management system is provided by our ISO 14001 eco certification and BREEAM environmental certification. APSYS Polska is a leader in ecological certification in the Polish market of commercial buildings. To ensure full environmental safety, the shopping centers managed by APSYS Polska are certified annually in the management area. All of them obtain a rating of Excellent.

Certification processes offered:

As part of the most widely used BREEAM environmental management system in Poland, we offer sustainability tools in the form of certification:


→ BREEAM International New Construction – environmental certification for newly designed building(s) (certification process lasting from design to construction, certificate valid indefinitely)

→ BREEAM In-Use – environmental certificate for existing buildings (certification process lasting 3-6 months, certificate valid for three years)

→ BREEAM International Refurbishment&Fit out – environmental certificate for refurbished buildings and new fit-outs (certification process lasting from design stage to completion, certificate valid indefinitely)

→ BREEAM Communities – for urban assumptions, mixed-use projects (certification process usually lasting from the creation of the master plan to the construction project, certificate valid indefinitely)

Benefits of Breeam certification:

→ developing savings in utility consumption
→ creating a well-maintained environment both in the building and the immediate surroundings
→ creating a healthier and more attractive workplace, place of rest
→ creating an image of an environmentally and human-friendly space
→ additional added value for users, tenants, funds