4 January 2023 News

Apsys Polska again honoured with prestigious awards from the Polish Council of Shopping Centres

In the 13th edition of the PRCH Retail Awards, shopping centres managed by Apsys Polska and the professionals representing the company won a total of five awards. The award for the best shopping centre manager went to Joanna Bagińska, the manager of Galeria Katowicka. The projects managed by Apsys Polska for the shopping centres it manages were awarded four times – twice with the Gold Award and twice with the Silver Award.

The Gold Award in the category “Best Performance for 2020 – 2022 – Best Business Performance” went to the Łódź’s Manufaktura. The jury recognised Manufaktura’s outstanding business performance, effective management strategy and operational achievements in difficult and challenging post-pandemic times. In the category “Centre’s CSR activities and strategy”, the gold award went to Galeria Katowicka for its comprehensive project “This city is going green! This centre also received a silver trophy for its pandemic branding campaign ‘Communication vs. Isolation’. The second silver trophy went to Janki Centre for its pro-sales campaign – the “Holiday in a camper” lottery.

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