4 January 2023 News

New position in the structure of Apsys Polska

At the beginning of December, Apsys Polska created a new position of Business Development Director and ESG Officer. This is the result of a strategic process carried out over the last few months, which has led to the definition of the company’s basic goals and the drawing up of development plans for the coming years. The position has been filled by Magdalena Błądek, who has been with Apsys since 2020.

Over the past few months, Apsys Poland and Apsys France have gone through a complex, multi-stage process to define and name a strategic goal that gives the organisation direction and defines its commitment to cities and people. It defines how Apsys wants to make a positive contribution to the lives of others and to the environment, and sets a focus that goes beyond financial criteria.

Magdalena Błądek will combine her role as Business Development Director with that of ESG Officer. Her appointment reflects the importance of sustainability policy in Apsys. Magda will be responsible for leading the process related to all ESG aspects of the company, including the implementation and maintenance of the Apsys Group policy, the implementation of ESG initiatives and the preparation of the annual sustainability report. The comprehensive activities will cover all 3 pillars of the ESG policy. In this context, Magdalena Błądek will work closely with the members of the company’s internal ESG Committee.

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