8 November 2022 News

Ambitious goals for a new era

Apsys has always been a company with the vision and ambition to deliver unique projects and create iconic, meaningful places that become an integral part of the urban fabric. But after more than 25 years in the market, the time has come to redefine the existing strategy and adapt it both to changes in the market and to our internal transformation. For more than two decades, retail property has been at the heart of Apsys’ development and management activities. Two years ago, our company used its existing expertise to enter new markets, including residential – the Solea Mieszkania przy Wyścigach development in Warsaw.

Over the past few months, the entire company has gone through a complex, multi-stage process to define and name the strategic purpose that guides us and which we see as a commitment to cities and people. It defines how Apsys wants to make a positive contribution to the lives of others and to the environment, and offers a way forward that goes beyond financial criteria. For us, it is the answer to the fundamental question: “Why does Apsys exist?” The answer is embodied in the statement: Enhance the city by developing unique places that make everyone’s life more beautiful.

The process of defining the strategic goal consisted of in-depth analyses based on employee surveys in France and Poland and numerous interviews with external and internal experts. These formed the basis for a workshop in which we finally defined our strategic goal and it is reflected in the new company slogan: “Together, another city is possible”. Apsys’ visual identity was also changed to better reflect our commitment. The next step was to translate the strategic goal into individual areas of activity and specific, measurable operational objectives to be achieved in the coming years.

The new slogan is not an arbitrary choice. Each word has a deep meaning, and while it sounds philosophical, referring to a vision of the future and of our organisation and urban spaces, it is followed by concrete solutions and commitments that we make. By ‘together’ we mean actions taken with all groups of our stakeholders. These changes should enable us all to create ‘new cities’ where people live better, which are welcoming to different social groups, inclusive, comfortable, green and clean. Through openness, commitment, attentiveness and collaboration, all this becomes ‘possible’.

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