27 March 2024 News

New HR Director at Apsys Polska

Angelika Majkowska has taken up the position of director of the HR department at Apsys Polska. Angelika, who has been with the company since 2013, will be responsible for complex HR policies in an organisation with a demanding structure involving more than 19 teams in various locations.

Since joining Apsys Polska 11 years ago, Angelika Majkowska has been involved in HR process management issues while working in various positions in the HR department. During this time, she has repeatedly demonstrated remarkable commitment
and professionalism. She has overseen the merger of companies in the HR and payroll area and implemented a comprehensive digitalisation of working time management processes, both at the head office and at all company-managed sites throughout Poland.

She is the author of the BE WELL programme at Apsys and the initiator of an internal training programme – the Apsys Development Academy. Thanks to her initiatives, Angelika Majkowska contributes to raising employee satisfaction, which is one of Apsys’ strategic objectives. Her approach based on the exchange of knowledge and experience between members of different teams has enabled the development and growth of competencies in the organisation.

In her work, Angelika has always tried to combine the expectations of different stakeholder groups
and find compromises that meet the needs of all parties. She is skilful at going beyond the box-ticking, based on both the hard aspects of human resources management and the individual approach to each employee’s needs. Through his actions, he puts into practice the idea guiding the whole organisation, according to which people are the greatest value at Apsys
said Benoit Charles, CEO of Apsys Polska.

The new challenges that await me on this position are a source of motivation for me. I am glad that I will be able to continue to use my competences and thus continue to develop the organisation’s HR strategy and support the further development of Apsys employees on many levelsemphasised Angelika Majkowska, HR Director at Apsys Polska.

Angelika Majkowska is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and a participant in the first edition of the Top Woman in Real Estate Mentoring Programme. In her free time she is passionate about biographical books, historical series and films, and travelling. She spends her free time actively in the company of her family.

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