7 November 2022 News

Łódź’s Manufaktura installs 1219 solar panels on the roof

1219 photovoltaic panels will be installed on the shed roofs of the shopping centre building. Their southern orientation will ensure the most effective use of the sun’s rays.  Manufaktura representatives admit that the photovoltaic farm is a huge investment, but the effects will soon be felt.

The operational farm will be able to cover up to 45% of the energy needs of the common parts of the shopping centre building. The electricity generated will be used, for example, to power the air-conditioning and ventilation system, to produce chilled water for the air-conditioning system, or to power the stairs, lifts and escalators. In addition, the photovoltaic installation will power charging stations for electric cars. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact not only on reducing the plant’s energy consumption and the cost of purchasing electricity, but it will also be our contribution to protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of electricity produced from fossil fuels,” says Dariusz Jańczyk, Manufaktura’s Technical Director.

The photovoltaic farm project is the next and most extensive element of Manufaktura Dobrej Energii’s multi-faceted strategy. A survey commissioned by Manufaktura, “Shopping centres back in the customer spotlight?”, shows that almost 20 per cent of Poles consider green solutions to be a decisive factor when choosing a shopping centre. Meanwhile, 57% of respondents say that green solutions entice them to visit a centre. 

– These results may not be impressive yet, but we can see that customers’ environmental awareness is growing rapidly. There is no doubt that environmental measures will become a necessity in the coming years, also due to social pressure, adds Slawomir Murawski. 

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